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Some remarks on: The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God

In my opinion, the Kingdom of God, is the overarching theme of the Christian Bible. This Kingdom grows in size (quantity) and in power (quality), until the kingdom of this world is replaced by the Kingdom of God. I write deliberately: kingdom of this world and not kingdoms. By kingdom, I refer to the system of thought, which has gripped every human being, since the beginning of creation.

The Kingdom in the Past

The past begins with the creation of heaven & earth and concerns the preparation of the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom in the Present
The Kingdom of God is being built in the unseen world, from the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ .

The Kingdom in Eternity

King Jesus will hand over the reign of the Kingdom to God the Father and then eternity will begin.

God the Father

The Kingdom will come to perfection when God the Father will be all in all (the Church) and creation will be freed from impermanence.

The Son Jesus Christ

The Firstborn of mankind, who inhabits the Kingdom for eternity.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit guides the inhabitants of the Kingdom to perfection.

Note: I have not included references (references) to the Bible. Those who would like to have the conversation with the Bible in hand, can open their own topic in the appropriate section on Bazuin. The Dutch translation of the above text can be found in "Babbel"

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